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DeLarge was founded in 2013 by Panos Koronis and Yota Skouvara.


The aim is to produce for theater and cinema in collaboration with independent professionals capable to enhance the founders' creative process and artistic perception.



November 2013 - the first theatrical production at Olvio theater in Athens, titled 'Someone is talking by himself holding a glass of milk' [based on Efthimis Filippou first book of the same title].


On roster - two feature length documentaries in post production

     a screenplay in completion. 




Panos Koronis    Born in 1968. Lives in Athens,Greece. Director.

Founder and Producer.






                                                    Yota Skouvara    Born in 1978. Lives in Athens, Greece.

Co-founder and Producer.



© Copyright 2013 DeLarge

© 2013 DeLarge. all rights reserved.

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