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Lausanne, March 2013.
Helene, Georges' only daughter, holds a concert in his memory.
Her whole family, friends and colleagues help to make it happen, along with a big band, a big choir and four soloists.
Friends and members of the family will arrive from different parts of Europe. 

Georges was a musician. Born in Egypt, with Greek origins, he settled in Switzerland when his whole family migrated after the bombings in Cairo during WW2.
Performing widely all over Europe solo or with his trio, with great success at the time, Georges was, among other, in the core of the idea of Montreaux Jazz Festival's creation as the founder's (Claude Nobs) right-hand man.
He died in 2001, 84 tears old.

Julie, 81 years old, is Georges' only sister. She was a classical pianist and migrated in Greece after the bombings. She will travel from Athens. 

​Panos, Julie's son, films her journey from Athens through the family moments, documenting the merged reality.

Three generations blend together and help, in their own way, to organise the memorial party.   

​​director of photography
Thodoris Mihopoulos
Livia Neroutsopoulou
Dimitris Peponis
produced by
in co-production with
​Parnasse 2460
Couleur Prod. S.A.

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